The Story

  • Zavemusic  started in 2001.  Since then, lots of songs have been written, lots of background tracks and instrumentals have been produced. The building process  and the intentions are always the same: 

You've got to tell a story.

  • The beauty is that a song or a melody can be painted in many differents colors. The idea is to use the instruments available to your immediate reach as brushes and start painting.
  • I am mainly working with  Guitars, Bass, Pianos & Keys, Drums, Banjos, Harmonicas & Violins. I try to stay in the  non-synth realm of music,  in a more organic and analog space.
  • I  partner with several lyricists and enjoy the co-writing experience. The goal is to create tracks that take the songs to their highest level. What you get are songs that are ready for pitching and for distribution/streaming as well.

Meet  Zave Nathan the 'FRENCHERICAN'

  • I was born in Paris and in 'Music'.  My mother was a classical pianist so growing up I was bathed in classical music, mixed with the usual French radio and television pop songs of the 60s and 70s. I studied piano for three years at the  Conservatory encouraged by her enthusiasm about my musical talents, but ... one afternoon  I saw the movie  "Woodstock" ... and my life changed ... I sat through 3 back-to-back showings ... I could not leave the theater!
  • Today after 100's of songs written, I am still the same: Crazy about Guitars and Drums and Bass and B3's and Horns and Piano  and  Harmonicas and Banjos.
  • This is why I love Blues, Country , Rock, R&R, Funk
  •  I write and produce songs that tell a story and move your heart... and your feet. 

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