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NOTE: All songs and music have been 'Developed' in my studio.

...My preferred styles are: Rock, Blues and New Country.
I work internationally through Skype and wetransfer.com

... Time Flies ...

  • 1982 - The Deaners - Los Angeles: "I landed in Venice, I was living on the canals but I was always hanging out in HOLLYWOOD. OMG!!! It was so crazy, it was great. I was out on the strip to check out bands almost every night". Then Zave met Johnny Shakespeare on the beach in Venice and 'The Deaners' were born.
    'Johnny wrote the words and I wrote the music. I was starting to really feel and understand the relationship between drums, bass and guitars. No synth, no drum-machine, 2 Guitars, Bass and a great drummer Roger Beall
  • 1983 - Shadow Banister. After the 'Deaners' split up, the other guitarist (Mike Cooper 'The Shadow') and the bass player (Tweed Banister) started a new band of their own called 'Shadow Banister'.
    'I was invited to join the band quickly after we got together for a jam. I
    always liked the real organic Rock sound.
    We played LA extensively : 'Madame Wong's, FM Station, The Central (now The Viper Room), the Whiskey a Go Go, The Roxy etc... After a show at Wong's West, we were approached by Brendan Cahill (MCA Universal). He produced 3 demos for us at the Record Plant and he became our Manager.

  • 1985 - ZAVE (Solo effort). The sound was reminiscent of Richard Marx (now writing with Keith Urban) and Brian Adams: Pop songs with a Rock edge.
    'Mike Connors' became my manager; I produced a Single and Mike pushed it through Capitol Records'. But for immigration reasons (green card) I had to go back and stay in Paris for 4 years, which killed my deal in LA.
  • 1989 - EuroSound Studio. Zave comes back to the US and creates EuroSound Studio (with partner Laurence Shipstone), in North Hollywood. 'We developed dozens of artists and produced demos in a wide variety of music genres from Acoustic to pop, rock, spanish, and hard rock'.
  • 1993 - Just Like That (Steve DeLuca words and Vocals, Christopher Pellani on drums and Henry Veloso on bass) , which became Headsandwich in 1995 (adding Scot Mc Pike on drums and Jim Liberty bass). We released a CD in 1997.
  • 1997 - Saha Loop - EP produced with Steve deLuca 6 songs, 'Electronica' and guitars
  • 1998 - STOP!!! - Zave drops out of the music business to raise his kids. Life sometimes takes precedent: "I had to be a responsible father"...
  • 2010 - New Biginning - Zave writes new material. Dozens of new songs in Rock, Blues and Modern Country
  • 2013 - Zave is signed to the TATE Music Group with a new album FULL CIRCLE
  • 2015 - I am writing for
  1. Movies
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  4. Interactive

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