options & Prices

The Best Way

First,  email me mp3's along with lyrics.  After reviewing the songs let's discuss the style and the arrangement most appropriate for them.

I can produce the track and send you a mix so you can sing to it and mix it yourself, OR , you use my track as a reference,  you sing it and send me the  'STEMS' (individual Tracks)  so I can mix the song properly and send you the final MIX. 

I work with various artists and friends around the world and co-creating remotely is very efficient.  The other way is for you to come to my  studio and we will create face to face together.


  • Two Acoustic Guitars 
  • You are the singer, or you provide singer
  • If you need me to hire a singer,  let me know.



    • Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)
    • Drums 
    • Bass
    • You are the singer, or you provide singer 
    • If you need me to hire a singer,  let me know.


    Full Band

    Trio plus additional musicians. I use the latest software and real Nashville players.  This is a list of the players I will hire when needed:

    • Keys /Piano / Synth / Horn Samples
    • Pedal Steel 
    • Banjo 
    • Harmonica
    • Harmony Vocals 
    • Violin 


    About Pricing

    When it comes to pricing, it is often a delicate situation, not easy to define and it depends on the type of tracks you want and your budget. Each song is unique and nothing I do is cookie-cutter. Together we will decide on the best direction for your songs.

    When you hire me, you are hiring me to not only produce, but arrange your songs, find the right parts:

    • the right bass line,
    • the perfect drum patterns and the right feel,
    • the right keyboard or piano colors,
    • guitar hooks,  etc...
    • This is CUSTOM work.

    This is a creative process that comes naturally to me and I really enjoy it. 

    I hope this addresses the bulk of what needs to be considered.  I am looking forward to working with you and creating great songs.

     Let's talk to  find out what works best for your material. 

     Call  615 887 1954