What I do

  • I write Songs, Instrumentals, TV Cues
  • I play Electric / Acoustic  Guitars  -   Bass
  • I arrange
  • I produce

NOTE: Always looking for Singers

Sounding like:

  • Blues & Rock
    Male voice: Rod Stewart, Chris Cornell, David Coverdale, Scott Weiland, Buckcherry...
    Female voice: Dilana, Beth Hart, Janiva Magness, Tricia Freeman


  • Country
    Male Voice: Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Chris Young, Justin Moore,
    Female Voice: Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson


  • I don't have a band per se
  • I don't play LIVE that often anymore (except for the local Jamming to keep my chops up)
  • I play privately with friends


Playing LIVE is a whole different bowl of wax (good players, rehearsals, time spent learning the parts, booking gigs, being on the road , etc...). At this stage of my life, I write with Top Artists in mind. I write the songs that will keeps them on Top. I spent most of my life being an entertainer and today, unless I can be in a show of "High Caliber" , I'd rather stay in the studio and produce.

I love taking a basic song idea (piano or guitar voice demo) and turn it into a ' Great Sounding track. Then I will present the songs to the publishers I work with.


Note to Managers and Music Supervisors

  • I can write and produce tracks fairly fast (like a 3 day turn-around with no vocals)
  • I partner with other talents for specific sounds and colors.
  • Wheter it is a track I already have and you would need a different 'Vibe' on it or a different key or arrangement, or a totally new composition, I would be happy to do that.


  • Please take a listen to my Catalog page and call me if you have a specific tone in mind.


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